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Intro to Fair Housing Month: What is fair housing?

Fair Housing is the right of everyone to have equitable access to housing and housing services. Equal access is the first step to ensuring greater equity across marginalized communities. While two people may both have a place to live, their living conditions may be very different. Where you live determines… [ Keep reading ]

Community Speaks: Help shape the future of the Seattle Office for Civil Rights!

Please join us for a discussion about the Seattle Office for Civil Rights and your community. Participants will receive a $25 gift card. Food will be provided! The Seattle Office for Civil Rights is a government agency that works to advance civil rights and end barriers to equity. It enforces laws… [ Keep reading ]

Workgroup recommends less jail, better coordination, and healing for people living with criminal history

A City Workgroup, led by the Seattle Office for Civil Rights, was tasked with finding better ways to help people living with criminal history. The Workgroup recommends that the City invest in healing practices to address incarceration-related trauma, offer more support for those living with criminal history, and move away… [ Keep reading ]

LGBTQ housing discrimination all too common

Redwolf Painter, a senior systems engineer relocating to Seattle from the San Francisco Bay Area, thought it would be easier to rent an apartment here. But after applying for rentals more than a dozen times—and being denied each time—Redwolf began to suspect a more disturbing pattern. “On the phone, I… [ Keep reading ]

Fair Chance Housing law opens a door to opportunity

Augustine Cita had a good union job, working for $28 an hour as a marble mason. By the usual standards, he should have been a great candidate to rent an apartment. But he could not get past the first interview. “I put in applications at 10 to 12 places,” Augustine… [ Keep reading ]