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Gender justice for racial equity

By Leo Segovia, Gender Justice Advisor Gender refers to what society considers as characteristics of girls, boys, women, and men. When you think about U.S. culture, how would you describe what this looks like and where it started? Some may see men as providers, strong, and logical. Others may see… [ Keep reading ]

The importance of pronouns

Leo Segovia, Gender Justice Strategic Advisor Gendered language is deeply embedded in the way we communicate, so ingrained that we often don’t notice when it’s used. It includes words used to describe a person, most apparently by the pronouns we use for people when we are talking about them, but… [ Keep reading ]

SOCR stands with our transgender and gender non-conforming communities

The Seattle Office for Civil Rights stands with our transgender community members in dismay and outrage at the federal government’s attempts to deny legal recognition to transgender people in federally-funded institutions. This attempt to redefine gender as “immutable,” and based on a person’s assigned sex at birth, negates the lives,… [ Keep reading ]