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9 reasons to mediate a discrimination claim

Mediation is one of the ways to resolve a discrimination complaint at the Seattle Office for Civil Rights (SOCR).

How well do you know your civil rights?

Think you’re a civil rights expert when it comes to your protections in the City of Seattle? Our city has some of the most robust civil rights laws in the United States and our office enforces legislation around housing, employment, public places, and contracting. From service animals to protected classes… [ Keep reading ]

Federal judge upholds Seattle’s Fair Chance Housing Law

A federal judge has struck down a challenge to Seattle’s Fair Chance Housing Ordinance from the Rental Housing Association of Washington (RHA) and other landlords represented by the Pacific Legal Foundation. Seattle’s ordinance, born through community organizing and drafted by our office, bars landlords from asking about or adversely acting… [ Keep reading ]

Join our I LOVE CENSUS DATA virtual conversation

Thanks to tremendous community effort, Seattle achieved one of the highest 2020 Census participation levels in the nation! What’s next? What happens with that Census data? How will the City of Seattle use this data to make decisions? How is any of this information useful to you? Get answers to these questions and more by joining our I Love Census Data virtual conversation series. UP NEXT: Food Security… [ Keep reading ]

Support housing for Black trans women and femmes

With King County’s plan to close its jail in downtown Seattle, we have an opportunity to center the experiences of those most impacted by institutional harms and injustices, specifically the experiences of Black trans women and femmes.

White nationalism: Like “cyanide in your drink”

At least six SPD officers attended the “Stop the Steal” rally in Washington D.C. on January 6, 2021. This rally concluded with an armed and deadly insurrection at the nation’s Capitol Building. As reports came in, Seattle received the disheartening news that no other city in the country had a… [ Keep reading ]

Seattle Human Rights Commission announces two-year work plan

The Seattle Human Rights Commission was pleased to receive feedback and commitments today from council members regarding their two-year work plan. The Commission’s goals are to elevate community voices to our elected leaders, ensure there is greater public awareness for human rights concerns, and create actionable objectives for local officials…. [ Keep reading ]

Intro to Fair Housing Month: What is fair housing?

Fair Housing is the right of everyone to have equitable access to housing and housing services. Equal access is the first step to ensuring greater equity across marginalized communities. While two people may both have a place to live, their living conditions may be very different. Where you live determines… [ Keep reading ]

Community Speaks: Help shape the future of the Seattle Office for Civil Rights!

Please join us for a discussion about the Seattle Office for Civil Rights and your community. Participants will receive a $25 gift card. Food will be provided! The Seattle Office for Civil Rights is a government agency that works to advance civil rights and end barriers to equity. It enforces laws… [ Keep reading ]

Workgroup recommends less jail, better coordination, and healing for people living with criminal history

A City Workgroup, led by the Seattle Office for Civil Rights, was tasked with finding better ways to help people living with criminal history. The Workgroup recommends that the City invest in healing practices to address incarceration-related trauma, offer more support for those living with criminal history, and move away… [ Keep reading ]