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SWC Inside/Out: An Interview with the Seattle Women’s Commission Co-Chairs

Welcome to SWC Inside/Out, an interview series with members of the Seattle Women’s Commission and the community members who inspire us. This is the fourth installment of the series and we are delighted to speak with our fearless leaders, Sarah and Krystal. Read on to learn more about their experience with the Seattle Women’s Commission.

A February 2024 photo of Seattle Women's Commission Co-Chairs Sarah Liu (left) and Krystal Guerrero (right). Sarah has tan skin and straight, dark hair to their shoulders. They are wearing glasses, a beige sweater, and a patterned shirt. Krystal has light skin and wavy brown hair past their shoulders. They are wearing a black sweater with two visible stars.
SWC Co-Chairs Sarah Liu (left) and Krystal Guerrero (right).

What inspired you to step into a leadership position on the Seattle Women’s Commission?

Sarah Liu: Gender equity is an important issue area to me that I’ve been involved in since my college days as a female in a field where women are underrepresented. I’m thankful that my time on the Commission has given me an opportunity to work together with other passionate women to support the women of Seattle. I stepped into the Co-Chair role because I wanted to help shape our culture and processes into one that would better support our Commissioners and the change we want to create.

Krystal Guerrero: I was inspired to join the Commission because I believe in the power of collective voice to drive change. Witnessing the challenges faced by women firsthand fueled my desire to contribute to meaningful solutions and I’m very grateful to be a part of it!

What has been the most rewarding part of your time on the Commission? The most challenging?

Sarah: Most rewarding: seeing the Commissioners get to know one another more through our retreats and events, and become more comfortable with sharing their voice and light. Most challenging: there being ambiguity around the paths and processes for creating impact as a Commission. This is definitely getting better over time though as we start new initiatives and work with the Seattle Office of Civil Rights (SOCR) to build that muscle!

Krystal: The most rewarding part has been fostering a collaborative space where diverse perspectives come together to shape initiatives, policies, and events benefiting women. Challenges have centered on navigating complex issues while ensuring inclusive representation.

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned from your time on the Commission?

Sarah: Believing in the power of your own voice! It’s very easy (especially as a woman) to fall into the trap of imposter syndrome, but you don’t need to be a subject matter expert to contribute. I’m grateful for the incredible women on the commission for supporting and believing in one another.

Krystal: The biggest lesson has been understanding the significance of intersectionality in addressing women’s issues. Recognizing the diverse experiences within our community and our Commission has been pivotal.

What would you say to someone who cares about women’s rights and the future of Seattle and isn’t sure how they can effect change?  

Sarah: Our commission is recruiting! 😄 Kidding, but also not kidding. We’re looking for new members who want to support the women of Seattle to join our team! That aside, I’d say that generally a great first step is to get involved in the community. There are many fantastic organizations (including those listed on the Resources section of our website) supporting women in many different areas and the more people get involved, the more change we’ll be able to create!

Krystal: I’d encourage them to engage actively, whether through volunteering, amplifying voices, or advocating for inclusive policies. Every action, big or small, contributes to a more equitable future for women in Seattle.

Are you reading, watching, and/or listening to anything great right now? If so, let’s hear it!

Sarah: I’m currently reading Inciting Joy by Ross Gay, which is this lovely collection of essays about the joy that is found in everyday life and in caring for one another. Reading about his perspective on life is a nice reminder for me to recognize and cherish the small joys in my day-to-day life. I’m also watching Frieren: Beyond End’s Journey which is a beautiful Japanese anime about the passage of time, emotions, and the bonds between people.

Krystal: I’m currently diving into Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer. It beautifully intertwines Indigenous wisdom with ecological insights, offering a profound perspective on our relationship with nature. It’s a captivating read!

About Sarah Liu

Sarah Liu (she/her) is a product manager at Microsoft, where she focuses on creating a more user-friendly and accessible enterprise search product. Her drive to empower a diversity of people through better experiences has guided her through her educational and professional journey. She graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) with a degree in Computer Engineering. During her time there, she served as the Vice President of Women in ECE, where she co-founded an annual diversity summit, created a scholarship program, and led other initiatives to support women and underrepresented groups in tech. Since coming to Seattle, she has served on the Alumni Board for the female-focused organization Rewriting the Code, led projects to increase local government transparency at Council Data Project, and participated in the Leadership Tomorrow flagship program as a fellow. She is honored to serve as a Commissioner on the Seattle Women’s Commission and is looking forward to using her voice to help create a more equitable future.

About Krystal Guerrero

Krystal Guerrero (she/her) is the Lead Manager of eCommerce at AT&T. Prior to her tenure at AT&T, Krystal led marketing and communications efforts at SheJumps, a nonprofit dedicated to increasing the participation of women and girls in outdoor activities. Her expertise lies in developing and implementing digital initiatives that support women’s access to education, healthcare, and economic opportunities. Krystal received her Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and studied Environmental Science at the University of Washington. Krystal spends her free time adventuring outdoors.