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Participatory Budgeting Project seeks members for Workgroup and Steering Committee

The Participatory Budgeting Project (PBP) is looking for passionate Seattle-based community-oriented individuals who want to bring community-led decision-making to Seattle.

Participants will work alongside the City to help create a process allowing Seattle community members to invest $27.2 million of the City’s budget directly into Seattle communities, emphasizing repairing harms from systemic lack of investment in the City’s historically underserved Black community.

They are currently looking for community members to fill positions in two ways – through a Steering Committee and through a Workgroup.

Time Commitment & Compensation: Members can expect to spend an estimated 25-30 hours a month depending on the phase of the process. All positions will be compensated $25 an hour for the duration of the process.

To learn more about Participatory Budgeting in the City, visit or