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9 reasons to mediate a discrimination claim

Mediation is one of the ways to resolve a discrimination complaint at the Seattle Office for Civil Rights (SOCR).

Ruchika Tulshyan receives Jeanette Williams Award from Seattle Women’s Commission

The Seattle Women’s Commission has chosen Ruchika Tulshyan to receive the 2022 Jeanette Williams Award. This award seeks to recognize strong leaders who are making an impact in the city today. The Seattle Women’s Commission is proud to host this award as a chance to bring people together and to… [ Keep reading ]

Gender justice for racial equity

By Leo Segovia, Gender Justice Advisor Gender refers to what society considers as characteristics of girls, boys, women, and men. When you think about U.S. culture, how would you describe what this looks like and where it started? Some may see men as providers, strong, and logical. Others may see… [ Keep reading ]

How well do you know your civil rights?

Think you’re a civil rights expert when it comes to your protections in the City of Seattle? Our city has some of the most robust civil rights laws in the United States and our office enforces legislation around housing, employment, public places, and contracting. From service animals to protected classes… [ Keep reading ]

Announcing the 2021 Jubilee Winners!

The Seattle Disability Commission (SDC) has chosen the awardees for the 2021 Inclusion Jubilee awards. Each year, the SDC hosts an event featuring and highlighting people in the community who work to advance disability rights and justice. There are five different award categories: Lifetime Dianne Laurine Achievement Award Public Policy… [ Keep reading ]

The Seattle Office for Civil Rights announces awardees for $1 million Collective Network fund

The Seattle Office for Civil Rights is excited to announce two awardees for the 2021 Collective Network Community Alternatives to Incarceration and Policing Request for Proposal: the Liberation Medicine School and the Lavender Rights Project. In August 2021, SOCR launched the Collective Network Request for Proposal, that focused on Community… [ Keep reading ]

New racial equity research tools

City of Seattle’s Race and Social Justice Initiative releases new Racial Equity Research and City Actions websites The Race and Social Justice Initiative (RSJI) at the City of Seattle launched new websites with in-depth information and data about racial equity issues in the Seattle area, as well as a database of actions the City… [ Keep reading ]

Now seeking request for proposal in Participatory Budgeting

The Community Investments (CI) Division of the Seattle Office for Civil Rights (SOCR) is seeking applications from organizations and coalitions to provide administrative and consulting services to assist the City in planning and developing an approximately $28 million Participatory Budgeting (PB) Program. In June 2021, the City of Seattle placed the development of a Request for Proposals… [ Keep reading ]

Now hiring: Deputy Director, Seattle Office for Civil Rights

The Seattle Office for Civil Rights (SOCR) is seeking an experienced organizational leader centered by racial equity to address institutional racism as Deputy Director of the City of Seattle’s Office for Civil Rights. Reporting to the Department Director, and as a key member of the department’s senior management team, this… [ Keep reading ]

The importance of pronouns

Leo Segovia, Gender Justice Strategic Advisor Gendered language is deeply embedded in the way we communicate, so ingrained that we often don’t notice when it’s used. It includes words used to describe a person, most apparently by the pronouns we use for people when we are talking about them, but… [ Keep reading ]