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How data helps youth succeed—I Love Census Data

From the Department of Neighborhoods:

This series brings together community members, city agencies and staff, data professionals, and community artists for interactive presentations and conversation. You will learn about city facts and statistics and, most importantly, talk about what all this Census data tells you about your city.

We will be sure to connect the data to the lived experiences of real people in Seattle and work together to ensure this information is shared with policy makers, community leaders, and the public.  

I Love Census Data is a collaborative effort between the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods, the City of Seattle Demographer, and the Seattle Office for Civil Rights.  

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Thriving Youth: How Data Helps Youth Succeed

September 28, 2021
12:00-1:30 pm

In this session, we will learn about the latest 2020 Census demographics for youth and children.

We will learn from Seattle Public Schools about their use of data on mental and behavioral health in adolescence, and discuss how the City of Seattle uses Census data to apply for federal college preparation grants such as Upward Bound.

We will also discuss what the enrollment trends in Seattle Public Schools are showing, and how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the beginning of the 2021- 2022 school cycle.

Guest speakers

  • Diana Canzoneri, Demographer & Senior Policy Analyst, Office of Planning and Community Development
  • Holly Campbell, Strategic Data & Performance Managment Advisor, Department of Education and Early Learning
  • Isabel Callaway, Senior Data Analyst, Department of Education and Early Learning
  • Hena Parveen, Healthy Schools Coordinator Prevention & Intervention, Seattle Public Schools
  • Jeanine Needles, Enrollment Planning Demographer, Seattle Public Schools

Previous Sessions

  • 2020 Census Results are here!, August 31, 12:00pm
  • Understanding and Addressing Displacement: July 27th, 12:00pm
  • Data on Food Security in Seattle: May 25, 5:30pm
  • What Data does the City use to measure Seattle’s progress and planning for Education, Economic Opportunity, Housing and more?: April 27th, 5pm
  • Seattle Data on Racial Demographics: March 30th,  5:30pm