Now hiring: Civil Rights Investigators

The Seattle Office for Civil Rights is hiring!

We are seeking Civil Rights Investigators to join SOCR’s Enforcement team. As a Civil Rights Investigator, you will be responsible for receiving complaints, investigating, and negotiating settlements involving Seattle’s non-discrimination and civil rights laws. In this role, you will be responsible for enforcing non-discrimination under local and federal laws in employment, housing, public places, and contracting as well as local civil rights protections such as Seattle’s all-gender restroom ordinance, the ban on providing conversion therapy to minors’ ordinance, the fair chance housing and eviction records ordinance and the closed captioning ordinance. In addition to carrying a caseload, you will also conduct trainings, participate in outreach, and provide technical assistance to educate the public on civil rights.  

A successful applicant will have a career that reflects a commitment to creating fair and equitable outcomes and has: 

  • Worked in the enforcement of non-discrimination and civil rights law
  • Investigated claims of discrimination and conducted negotiated settlements
  • Subject matter expertise in the application of civil rights law and/or anti-discrimination policies
  • Promoted racial and social equity in their work
  • Integrated anti-racist principles into their professional practice